Trumark, based in Boulder, Colorado, is the oldest American slingshot company and they've been in the business for over 50 years. Trumark was one of the first companies to produce slingshots with modern tooling, and on an industrial scale. It story starts in the 50ies, when inventor Howard Ellenburgh created the "Howard's Wrist Locker Slingshot". It was the first slingshot that had a wristbrace and was powered by surgical tubing that was simply pushed over the fork tips.
An excellent feature on some of the modern Turmark slingshots is their rotating fork ends that greatly enhance band life and offer the shooter a sight that, depending on his shooting style, can be helpful in aiming. It is also worth to be noted that Trumarks red RR-t bands are considered to be the best performing tubular bands on the market.
All of their quality slingshots are manufactured in the USA using US materials and US labour.