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Lifehammer Safety Hammer EVOLUTION Orange - LHEBL001

Lifehammer Safety Hammer EVOLUTION Orange - LHEBL001
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Includes Seat Belt Cutter, Glass Breaker

Colour: Orange

Model: LHEBL001

Innovative Life Saving Device Designed to Save Lives – Yours – Family – Friends

Break out of your vehicle when seconds count!

Safety Hammer Description:

About 30 years ago LIFEHAMMER® invented the original Car Safety Hammer. Also known as the LIFEHAMMER® CLASSIC. With the Lifehammer Evolution, we set a new and higher standard in the world of traditional Safety Hammers. This way we meet future developments in the car industry and keep offering the best possible safety hammer.

The Lifehammer Evolution Safety Hammer is designed to cut Seat Belts and Break Side Windows. No Tool is better when seconds count.

This automatic Safety Hammer is easy and safe to use by adults and children. By simply pressing the head of this Safety Hammer against the car's side window the ultra-hard Ceramic Hammerhead will come out, shatter the window and reload automatically. With the integrated seatbelt cutter you can easily cut any seatbelt.

Thanks to the QUICK CLICK SYSTEM it's possible to mount this safety hammer in any wanted position within a few seconds. An additional lifehammer product can be mounted on the other side of the QUICK CLICK SYSTEM.

The included QUICK CLICK SYSTEM can be installed quickly and with ease on the inside of the car door. Thanks to the clickadapters that can be attached to either side of this mounting system and are rotatable by 360 degrees, the LIFEHAMMER® EVOLUTION can always be positioned optimally. It is even possible to mount a 2nd LIFEHAMMER® product to the QUICK CLICK SYSTEM.

In an Emergency Situation we advise to cut your seatbelt first using the integrated Seatbelt Cutter.  Thanks to the non-slip grip and conical shaped handle, this Safety Hammer will never slip out of your hand.

This product is designed to help you protect life. Before mounting this Safety Hammer in your car make sure all possible users are responsible and well instructed. Our advice is to mount one Safety Hammer on the driver’s side and one at the front passenger side. If you consider mounting a Safety Hammer at the backseat (children) we advise you to mount a SAFETY HAMMER EVOLUTION.

Only use this Safety Hammer to free yourself and others from Emergency Situations and never for other purposes.
With 25 years of experience, LifeHammer® is manufactured with the highest quality materials. It is certified by the German Test Lab (TUV) and has been tested and approved by many public safety organizations worldwide.

LifeHammer® provides real peace of mind to every motorist.

The LifeHammer® Classic is the original Safety Hammer from Europe, made with the highest quality material. The trademark "LifeHammer" has a strong brand recognition, image and awareness.

Featured numerous times on TV shows, such as Doctor OZ, The Mythbusters, the Today Show, just to name a few LifeHammer® is an innovative response to the growing demand for safety and offers real peace of mind to motorists.

You can never be too prepared for the unexpected. Protect yourself and your loved ones with LifeHammer®, the original "Gift For Life".

LifeHammer Features:

  • Will cut a seatbelt in seconds to free a trapped passenger.
  • Will break a side or rear window using either side of the conical shaped hardened Carbon Steel head (it will not break a windshield or any laminated window).
  • Easy to install using Quick Click System
  • Has been rigorously tested and given the seal of approval by TuV, the prominent German Safety Testing Lab.
  • Was awarded the Silver Medal by the German Traffic Council (Classic).

Used in Europe for over 20 years, it is now becoming standard issue in many Police, Fire and Rescue Departments throughout the U.S.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: L 158 x W 55 x T 24.2 mm
  • Handle: Glass Filled Nylon, Orange
  • Hammer Head: Ultra-Hard Ceramic
  • Weight: 152.5 grams (Includes Mount)

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