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Celox First Aid Blood Clotting Granules - 5-Pack

Celox First Aid Blood Clotting Granules - 5-Pack
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Stops Bleeding Fast – Proven on the Battlefield!

Product Description:

When you're a long way from trained Medical Attention, you need a solution that works - fast!  Celox First Aid Blood Clotting Gauze is the professional grade Answer to an Incident that causes excessive Bleeding.

Now the power of Celox Blood Clotting Agents is available AS Blood Clotting Granules. Celox™ 2 Gram Granule Packs are an instinctive way of using Celox to stop bleeding. Just pour enough granules into or onto the wound to cover the entire wound, quickly apply gauze or bandage and apply firm pressure – it is safe, easy and very effective.

Celox quickly forms a Plug – in practice usually stopping bleeding within one (1) minute. For major Arterial Hemorhage, maintain pressure for 3-5 minutes to ensure Hemorrhage is controlled. Celox™ works on all bleeding wounds; from minor cuts and grazes, to severe wounds.

Celox Hemostatic Granules™ are a unique, patented and natural formula which works independently of the body’s normal clotting mechanisms to clot blood even where normal clotting is slow or impaired *.

In multiple wound model testing, Celox Granules™ have repeatedly shown itself to be able to quickly and reliably stop even deep arterial bleeds.** Of course that should not surprise you as Celox™ Granules have already been shown to result in 100% Survival in independent U.S. Navy severe bleeding tests.**

Celox™ First Aid Granules are suitable for:

  • Monir Cuts and Grazes
  • Arterial and Venous Bleeding
  • Catastrophic Haemorrhage
  • Complex and deep Wounds

Celox™ Technology has been shown to
  • Save lives
  • Reliably stop arterial bleeding**
  • Significantly reduce blood loss**
  • Clot Blood containing anti-coagulants like Coumadin (Warfarin)*
  • Quickly clot hypothermic (cold) Blood*

Similar to the Celox used by the US Military, EMS, Police and Fire Departments everywhere, it's now available to you.

A must for any First Aid or Emergency Kit Celox Gauze Pads stop moderate to severe Bleeding until further Medical
Help is available.

Celox is ideal in all First Aid Kits including:

  • Remote Medecine
  • Home & Car First Aid Kits
  • Workplace & Factory First Aid Kits
  • Sports Venues and Sports Clubs First Aid Kits
  • Holidays & Hiking First Aid Kits
  • Boats & Hunting First Aid Kits
  • Civil Defence Centre First Aid Kits
  • Rest Home First Aid Kits
  • School First Aid Kits
  • Forestry & Farming First Aid Kits

** Details of these tests are available at:

Technical Specifications:
  • Package Content: 5 x 2 grams packs  
  • Packaging: Sterile Packs
  • Ingredietns: Celox Granules containing Coumadin, Warfarin and Heparin
  • Size 10-Pack: 140 x 105 x 9 mm
  • Application: One Time Application
  • Packaging: Sealed Pouch

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