Black Fox Survival Kit - 09FX015

Black Fox Survival Kit - 09FX015
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Model: 09FX015
Made in Italy

Product Description:

The Black FOX Survival Kit is a must-have designed by an Italian brand in the form of a light aluminum can with accessories useful in difficult conditions.

Survival kit contains accessoriess packed in an Aluminium box, which can be both part of a larger survival kit as well as an escape backpack prepared in case you need to quickly move away from the place of stay. It should be noted that the set is a loose offer with accessories from various areas in the composition and it can be expanded or some parts replaced as per individual preferences. The Survival kit can therefore be the beginning of our Survival kit. It is worth emphasizing that after any of the components is “exhausted”, in most cases it is relatively easy to replace them.
The set includes a large number of small and useful accessories:
  • Mirror. The mirror located on the inside of the can lid is a device for “releasing” solar signals or, of course, a mirror for examining the corners of the body invisible to the eye. Thanks to it, it is easier to dress the wound e.g. in the area of ​​the face or remove ticks from places that are difficult to reach.
  • Fishing line and a set of hooks and weights. Elements that help in obtaining food from the surrounding rivers and reservoirs. The set will allow you to independently construct a fishing rod from the elements available in the surroundings and the set, as well as fishing.
  • String saw. Handy, space-saving saw in the form of a rope braided of steel wires of various diameters. Simple in design and operation. It has two handles in the form of steel rings (o-rings) that allow you to hold the saw with both hands and move it over the material. In an emergency, it will efficiently cut smaller branches and trees and thus be useful for building a shelter. With thicker pieces of wood, it will wedge, but with a little patience, it will also cope with the task. In addition to wood, it can also be used for cutting: ice, bones, plastic and other elements. It should be remembered that in order to obtain maximum cutting efficiency, the saw should be kept as spread as possible.
  • A mini compass to “read” the directions of the world. Small, but fulfilling its basic function. It is enough to find the direction in which we should be going.
  • Safety pins. Useful for repairing clothing, to fasten a broken zipper, to replace a broken zipper clipper handle.
  • Needle case. Several colors of threads, buttons and needles for garment repair in the field.
  • Wire section. Useful for minor repairs of damaged equipment.
  • An alarm whistle in the form of a key pendant with a hidden capsule, e.g. for tablets, which we cannot do without. Thanks to the steel ring (o-ring), the whole thing can be easily hung around the neck in the form of an improvised necklace. Then reaching for the whistle to call for help or to use the pill hidden inside will be easy and instant.
  • A pencil in case something needs to be noted down quickly and the phone has long since “crashed”. Thanks to it, we will save, for example, the location to which we are going.
  • Paper if necessary, serving as a notebook, etc.
  • Roll of plaster that can be used to attach a dressing to a wound, but also as a temporary repair patch for a torn jacket, etc.
  • A set of small dressing plasters.
  • Cotton wool is useful when lighting a fire.
  • A candle as a light source.
  • Capsule for valuables or rolled up banknotes. Length and internal diameter approx. 60 mm by 20 mm. The capsule has a steel hook that can be attached in a more discreet place.
  • A small scraper.
  • A small pocket knife containing: a small knife blade (41 mm), a file of the same length and small scissors. The pocket knife will support the process of minor repairs of equipment and clothes, etc.

The whole Survival Kit is packed in a lightweight, portable Aluminum Tin with approximate dimensions of 14 x 9 x 3 cm (5.50 “x 3.55” x 1.20 “). The box is hermetically sealed and closed with a double-sided latch. After emptying and washing the box can be used as an additional vessel. The box has a seal to protect against moisture (it is hermetic).

Ultimately this is a high quality Survival Kit that has been thoughtfully put together by a company that produces some of the best knives and kit in the World. This kit is an absolute bargain as when you combine up the total cost of putting it together it would cost you much more.

Technical Specifications:
  • Container: Hermetically sealed Aluminium Box
  • Dimensions: L 135 x W 93 x H 32 mm
  • Weight: 285 grams (Complete Kit)
  • Origin: Italy

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