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Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf-Glide Spray - #91064

Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf-Glide Spray - #91064
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Model: #91064

Made in the USA

Oil-Free Micro-Bonding

Tested and used by US Navy Seals!

Product Description:

Oil-free Technology to lubricate and protect hard reach parts of guns and gear in extreme conditions, marine use and long term storage. Use with MARINE TUF-CLOTH, for 100% oil-free protection.

Based on Tuf Glide but formulated with additional ingredients to enhance protection against highly corrosive saltwater and high humidity. Use MARINE TUF-GLIDE when your gear is faced with extreme conditions or long-term storage. The liquid partner for MARINE TUF-CLOTH.
How it works
Wiping with MARINE TUF-CLOTH gives you cleaning, rust protection and lubrication. Pure mineral spirits is the fast drying carrier for the active ingredients, so MARINE TUF-CLOTH cleans as it transfers the lubricants and protectants to all surfaces of your gear for 100% protection. It evaporates, and Sentrys proprietary ingredients bond to the surface; this bonding assures long-lasting effectiveness. MARINE TUF-CLOTHs waterproof protection will not wash off or thicken in the cold (even down to -40°F/-40°C). It is dry to the touch so will not attract dirt like oil-based products, nor does it leave a slippery film like silicone. It is safe to use on wood and most plastics. Based on the original TUF-CLOTH formula with additional oil-free corrosion inhibitors not found in TUF-CLOTH, to enhance protection in extreme conditions and saltwater.
MARINE TUF-CLOTH is user-adjustable; either by drying in air or adding pure mineral spirits. A wetter cloth applies a thicker shield of protection that dries more slowly. The excess can be buffed off after it is dry without compromising performance. Use MARINE TUF-CLOTH to protect equipment, firearms, boat parts, knives, wood and all metal components. It maintains its effectiveness even when it is wet with water, and it will not harm most plastics.
Directions for use
If surfaces to be protected are very dirty, grimy or oily, best performance will be achieved if the surface is cleaned before using MARINE TUF-CLOTH. This helps bonding of the active ingredients and prevents contamination of your TUF-CLOTH.
Clean surfaces well.
Rub surfaces firmly with MARINE TUF-CLOTH.
Drying time depends on thickness of coating/dampness of cloth. If cloth dries out add TUF-GLIDE or pure odorless mineral spirits (not turpentine) to restore its original feel. If item is exposed to saltwater: rinse with fresh water, dry and re-wipe with MARINE TUF-CLOTH. Return cloth to its special vapor-barrier pouch and seal tightly for longer life.
Use frequently if item is exposed to saltwater, wear or stored outside.
For hard-to-reach areas use with Sentrys Solutions Award Winning TUF-GLIDE.
Contains mineral spirits. Wash hands after using. Keep away from children.
Technical Specifications:
  • Application: Spray Bottle
  • Content: 118 ml
  • Origin: USA

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