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Goodbye Ouch Balm - 12 or 50 grams

Goodbye Ouch Balm - 12 or 50 grams
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  • Content: 50 grams
  • Content: 12 grams

Product Description:

There is a little product we’ve been using in our family for years. It has saved us from more tears, runny noses, scrapes, scratches and bruises than we can count.

Welcome to Goodbye Ouch – the latest product from Becky and John, the makers of Goodbye Sandfly.

Goodbye Ouch has unique skin healing properties and is full of amazing natural ingredients that care for and replenish your skin giving immediate relief from grazes, scratches, bug bites, chapped lips and heaps of other ailments and irritations. Ridiculously useful

Yep that’s right. Goodbye Ouch has 80 plus uses and we’re still counting. (See the page 80 Uses and you’ll see we’re really not bluffing here).
What will your favourite use be?

Who is Goodbye Ouch for?

It’s for you if you have a tendency towards natural, or a partner that does! We’re not going to say it’s for everyone (even though we think it is). There are many people devoted to products made from petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients. Why!? Because of habit, or perceived cost or just don’t care. Whatever the case, this product is not for them….yet.

For those willing to try:

- Families, this is the only first aid kit you’ll every need to deal with most common family ailments and injuries.
- Travellers, it fits in your pocket and has more uses than a Swiss army knife.
- Gardeners (especially those soul sisters who don’t wear gloves), this is the trick for returning your hands to condition.
- Computer Forever Types (and I’m one of them, unfortunately), this balm will ease sore necks and tension headaches. Sorry that a kind-hearted massage therapist is not included in the tin.
- Sports People, this balm covers everything from warm up to warm down with happy feet in between.

Goodbye Ouch – making life BETTER everyday.

It’s all you’re ever going to need. And maybe a few of mumma’s kisses, if you’re a kid, that is.

Goodbye Ouch is made of soothing + therapeutic ingredients such as:

  • Organic Beeswax from happy NZ bees
  • Super rich oils of Apricot, Avocado, Jojoba and Red Raspberry Seed (yum!)
  • Powerful essential oils of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Manuka, Frankincense and Geranium
  • Lots of love
There is no filler – every single oil has been chosen for its specific therapeutic effects. Every ingredient is there because it has a job to do.
80 Uses of Good Bye Ouch
What are some of your favourite uses for the product?  Any that aren’t on the list?
  1. preventative for wind/cold (this is great for ski days)
  2. chapped lips
  3. wind burn
  4. scratches
  5. garden hands (or mechanics or sailors or farmers!)
  6. cracked heels
  7. (winter) elbows
  8. sex wax?  Er?  Becky?
  9. ear infections
  10. eczma
  11. rashes
  12. bug bites
  13. stings
  14. cracked nipples
  15. athlete’s foot
  16. ring worm
  17. thread worm (gets rid of that tickly feeling on bottom until you can get to a health store or pharmacy)
  18. chest rub for coughs
  19. under-nose (sore tissue nose)
  20. under-nose (decongestant)
  21. cold sores
  22. pet enthusiasm (goat nibbles, cat scratches..)
  23. acne
  24. sore muscles
  25. bruises
  26. rug burn
  27. preventative for rub spots and blisters in foot care
  28. friction blisters
  29. boils
  30. soak for splinter/wounds
  31. night treatment for face
  32. minor wound care
  33. behind ear crust
  34. between the toe treatment
  35. reef scrapes
  36. stubbed toes
  37. grazes (esp kids and knees)
  38. dry skin
  39. nappy rash
  40. minor sun burn
  41. hangnails
  42. mouth sores
  43. headache balm
  44. hemaeroids (eases symptoms)
  45. nose crust
  46. deodorant
  47. nit preventative
  48. styling hair wax
  49. scar treatment
  50. itchy skin
  51. busted knuckles
  52. eyeshadow/make up base
  53. ring removal (too tight on fingers?)
  54. OOS relief
  55. toothpaste
  56. oil pulling
  57. gargle
  58. stress balm
  59. pre and post stretch marks
  60. chickenpox
  61. hand, foot, mouth sores
  62. use on animals – sore paws, minor injuries (we treated our chicken’s broken leg with Ouch, and our goat’s leg wound from a cow kick)
  63. eye crust
  64. moisture barrier (keep skin from getting waterlogged in sport)
  65. warts (won’t get rid of them, but good for if they crack)
  66. shaving rash
  67. shaving nicks
  68. under lipstick layer
  69. arthritis relief
  70. cuticle and nail treatment
  71. baby neck (that ever moist area that babies sometime get that irritates their skin)
  72. cradlecap
  73. slobber chin (you know when your baby gets a red chin from too much slobber)
  74. travel aid during flight
  75. sprained ankles
  76. pulled muscles
  77. bad smells
  78. bug repellent
  79. nit treatment
  80. care for after-splinter removal
  81. muscle warm-up
  82. massage
  83. callus buildup
  84. growing pains
  85. after sport treatment
  86. stye relief
  87. hair & scalp conditioner
  88. candida relief (just to get you through those few days when the balance is tipping)
  89. door hinge de-squeaker
  90. o-ring lubrication for pump
  91. reduce scratch on wood dining table
  92. use on hands to make milking the goat easier
  93. CAN you think of another one??
The uses are endless.. or at least we think so

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