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Knife Sharpening

Top Gear premium sharpening service:

Top Gear offers a full premium sharpening and repair service via our professional cutler, who can also straighten chipped edges and re-curve broken tips on most knives.

Using hand-powered wheels and various grades of water and oil stones, we not only sharpen knives, but our professional service also extends to scissors and gardening tools (secateurs, loppers, hedge trimmers etc), as well as chainsaw chains and lawnmower blades – nearly anything with an edge!

Our high-quality, hand-powered process is much more progressive than conventionally powered systems, and preserves the hardness and temper of the metal. We remove only enough metal to bring up a professional-grade edge, which prolongs the life of your valuable knife.

Turnaround time is generally less than one week, but an ‘Express Service’ is available for those last-minute jobs before your hunting or fishing trip.

Our prices are very reasonable, so please give it a try! Remember, accidents are always more likely with a dull blade – it pays to keep your knives sharp!

If you’re outside Auckland and can’t visit us in-store, simply box up your knife/knives safely and send them to:

Top Gear
Unit 5
215 Rosedale Road
Auckland 0632

Your knives will be returned by courier or post – your choice.

Quotes are given prior to commencing all jobs and payment can be made by bank deposit or credit card.